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Watermelon - the description of fruit, his kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Watermelon   Younger can does not know, that the powers of People's Republic of Poland tried how avoid in Polish vocabulary of words of strange origin fire (anyway with poor result) and it was from watermelon similarly, and practically with him the Persian name which was wanted to replace with Polish word: water-melon. Whole happiness name this did not accept in Polish society - enjoying strange words.

This is different curiosity, guard of remembrance that, word "watermelon" is one of little (a dozen or so) common words Poland - Turkish.
It in Europe watermelons grows in Spaniards, Portugali, Italys, Croatia, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Romanians, Węgrzech as well as Ukraine. It in Poland grows resistant change on low temperatures.

The watermelon, fruit of African origin, though there are no special nutritious values, be pleases with huge success, to be maybe therefore that he is something among fruit and lemonade ( very a lot of juice contains). Food him without knife and it is plate so not counter challenge. We command consuming him raw, the best after chilling.
In contrast to one's cousin: melon - watermelon steps out in desserts mainly, we command from watermelon salad particularly.

What is and it in what quantities in watermelon?
Watermelon's nutritious values.

Nutritious components:
Likopen and glutation - natural biochemical relationships, protecting cells before harmful particles. It is careful, that protect before coronary disease, bronchitis, tumours, cataract, parkinsonism and aging organism.

Vitamin C in large quantities.

The considerable quantities of iron and the potassium.



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