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Soup from pumpkin on milk

Indispensable components:

1/2 kg cleaned yellow dyni of, 3 glass of milk, 3 - 4 spoon of grated roll of, 2 spoon of butter, salt, 6 spoons of chopped the parsley's top leaves

Procedure of preparation
To clean the pumpkin, to peel, to clean from stones and the scraps of flesh. To brown grated roll on dry frying pan lightly. In this time to cut pumpkin. to browned roll to add pumpkin and to strangle butter, to mix, to softness, to wipe through sieve or to mix, to mix from hot, reboil milk and parsley.

To spice to taste with salt. To pass after preparation with addition of change of pasta directly.
Lovers can soup pass on słodko, replacing salt sugar.



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