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Salsifis - the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Salsifis  Vegetable very Approximate to skorzonery, little fatter has and more conical take root, about bright skin, and it in taste is less gentle.

She be growed with spring sowing in one-year agricultural cycle only. It winters in soil often and she be dug on spring early, because it knocks out in seminiferous speeds very quickly, and roots are not suitable to consuming then.

Salsefia blooms on niebiesko or rose.
We can keep in cellar in soil salsifis or under cover.

What is and it in what quantities in salsifis?
Salsifis' nutritious values.

The most important alimentary components (/ 100 gram salsefii):
Calories (Kcal): 93. Joules (KJ): 398. Carbohydrates (g): 18,5.

Vitamin (/ 100 gram salsefii):
A1:  11 j.m. B1:  0,034 mg. B2:  0,034 mg. C:  3,0 mg. E:  6,0 mg.

Minerals (mg / 100 gram salsefii):
Calcium 44. Phosphorus: 69. Iron: 2,7. Magnesium: -.



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