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Salad from broccolis or courgette

Indispensable components:

1/2 the broccolis' kg or the chopped dill's, 6 spoons of, 40 the tomatoes' da, cooked on hard 1 glass of mayonaise sauce, 6 the garlic's little teeth, 4 egg small cukini from the parsley's top leaves, the juice from lemon, the salt, sugar, pepper

Method of preparation:
Broccolis or to clean zucchini, osączyć. To cut the ends the cukini ( the remainder of floral bottom and the stalk). To cook vegetable, putting to boiling, salted water. Boiling it adds the broccolis the bit of sugar. To strain soft vegetables, to cool. To clean tomatoes, to burn with boiling water, to peel from skin, and when they cool to cut in slices and to arrange on dish. On tomatoes' layer to put cut in slices zucchini or cut broccolis. To mix from finely mayonaise sauce chopped garlic, to spice to taste with juice from lemon, salt, sugar pepper.
To pour with prepared sauce salad, to pour with chopped dill, to cover with eggs cut in particle dekoracyjnie or slices.
It was can decorate with naciowej parsley's leaflets or curlykale.



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