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Raspberry foam

Indispensable components:

2 egg, 3 crested spoons of sugar of powder, of 3 teaspoon of lemon juice, 300 g (fresh or chilled) raspberries, 50 g (half the glass) thickly chopped nuts, 2 crested spoons of sugar

Procedure of preparation:
We mix from sugar vitellus, we add (gradually!) juice from lemon, raspberry ( we can cut it on half) as well as nuts. We from proteins beat stiff foam and still beating we add to her sugar powder. To mass żółtkowo - raspberry we add from sugar foam, very gently stirring gradually (attention! foam at all does not like violent movements because it is with nature gentle!).
We put on to bowls or pucharków and we decorate with several particularly good-looking, and left in this aim raspberries.
We serve wychłodzić, alternatively from sponge-cakes.
It similar was can make from berries also foam, strawberries, blackberries, etc.



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