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Paprika - the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Paprika   In XVI age paprika reached to Europe from South America. It conducts oneself on industrial scale tillage in European regions of Mediterranean Sea and n and Balkans.
Not every knows yet, can grow on plot in Poland but paprika, and not only in Bulgaria, on Węgry czy Romania. Produced by us paprikas will not be maybe so beautiful, as these imported, but equally rich in vitamin.

It is in vitamin one of the richest vegetables. Paprika's popular changes: Poznańska Sweet, Long with Moires, Bronowicka, Shumenski Ratund.
Paprika has near tillage considerable requirements. Optimum for her temperature carries out 20oC - 20oC, it below 15oC grows very faintly. It need also fertile the ground, próchniczej and sufficiently moist.

It was can consume raw paprika (odzielnie or in salads) as well as cooked (particularly tasty in connection from tomatoes, cucumbers and egg - plant). To stuff mighty I also and to roast in oven.

What is and it in what quantities in paprika?
Paprika's nutritious values.

The most important alimentary components (/ 100 paprika's gram):
Calories (Kcal): 35. Joules (KJ): 146. Carbohydrates (g): 6,9.

Vitamin (/ 100 paprika's gram):
A1:  999 j.m. B1:  0,060 mg. B2:  0,050 mg. C:  139,0 mg. E:  0,65 mg.

Minerals (mg / 100 paprika's gram):
Calcium 17. Phosphorus: 30. Iron: 2,6. Magnesium: 10.



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