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Omelette from apples

Indispensable components:

6 eggs of, 2 spoon of sugar, half teaspoon of salt, spoon of oil of, 2 apple, 2 spoon of butter, sugar the powder from vanilla sugar to pouring, alternatively the cherry-trees or the konfiturowe strawberries to decoration

Procedure of preparation:
We peel the apple, we cut on half, we remove the seminiferous nests and cut on thin, in measure the even half-moons, which seal from both sides on standing on small fire of frying pan from melted butter ( the apple does not was can nor to cook nor to scatter!). We take off apple. We pour the frying pan the salt, we throw in the salt, and we wipe the frying pan the paper, we lubricate with oil, we warm up on average fire and we pour out salted and the rozkłócone the fork of egg, so propeling the frying pan, to to distribute it after whole surface. In measure how banks set, we wrap up it fork or shoulder - blade to centre, propeling simultaneously frying pan, to omelette did not cling. We arrange in moment setting omelette at the top apple and we pour sugar with powder richly.
When omelette is finished, we fold him on half and we translate on dish with shoulder - blade, pouring yet after top alternatively sugar powder or decorating cherry-trees or strawberries.



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