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Dill - the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Dill   Italian dill despite one's name comes from Greece. We import him mainly from Italys today. My interesting and sweet, aromatic taste, it is effective in treatment cold and it influences on transformation of matter favourably favorably.

We from dill to receive oil which finds as against tussive centre use can. However in case of inflations profitably the cannon the tea - party from the Italian dill's seeds
The dill is the plant about short period of vegetation. What there are no large requirements to soil, it is successful almost everywhere. Dill usually be growed as śródplon.

Let's let's near purchase are careful to to does not choose damaged tuber, colours which us they interest: from white to greenish. Dark green or brown they testify list about sale long storage. They can then to put aside bitter substances.
We recommend storage dill wrapped up in moist dish-cloth in refrigerator, however not longer than 2 days.

What is and it in what quantities in dill?
Dill's nutritious values.

Najważniejsze składniki pokarmowe (/100 gram kopru):
Kalorie (Kcal): 69. Dżule (KJ): 289. Węglowodany (g): 14,1.

Witaminy (/100 gram kopru):
A1: 2000 j.m. B1: 0,05 mg. B2: 0,08 mg. C: 100,0 mg. E: 7,76 mg.

Minerały (mg/100 gram kopru):
Wapń 30. Fosfor: 50. Żelazo: 0,5. Magnez: .



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