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Cranberry - the description of fruit, his kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

cranberry   The crane swallowed the cranberry, the public meeting had the very acid face - which not has not to be surprised him, in result of large content of vitamin the C, the cranberries are very acid.
The cranberries are applied from former in the people's medicine as medicine on different inflammable states anyway, the type of disease as well as as medicine on ooping cough, the road and the cold.

Cranberry they step out almost in whole europium Northern and Central and also on Ural Mountains and Siberia and Kamchatka and Aleutach and on Greenland.
In Russia was produced cranberry acid - very bracing water, beating one's popularity all different.
In Poland however we use it as addition to meat and also to production fruit jelly.

What is and it in what quantities in cranberry?
Cranberry's nutritious values.

The water the, fats, the carbohydrates, proteins ( the g / 100 gram of cranberry):
Water: 87,3 g. Fats: - g. Proteins: 0,35 g. Carbohydrates: 9,9 g.
KJ = 200

The vitamin (mg / 100 gram of cranberry):
B1: 0,03 mg. B2: 0,02 mg. B6: -. C: 11 mg. E: -.
Carotene: 0,004 mg

The minerals (mg / 100 gram of cranberry):
Soium: 1,76. Potassium: 90,0. Magnesium: 7,2. Calcium 14,4. Phosphorus: 9,87
Iron: 0,86. Iodine: -



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