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Information about service and contact form

Contact and co-operation from service

We invite to contact all interested persons and co-operation from our service.
I ask to write on address e-mail:
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We are open on different forms of co-operation ( link exchange, publication of texts, etc.).

Information about studies

The data of occurrence of vitamins, mineral components as well as the content of water of, white, carbohydrates, calorific values in vegetables and we passed in edible parts of product the fruit, that is after cleaning. Passed data for:
Obst at. Gemuse, Anbau, Zubereitung von Christoph Needon. The Verlag of carts the die Frau, DDr, Leipzig 1980, II wyd. 1984;
The schedules of composition and the value of nutritious food products. Collective work. PZWL 1976 r.

Internet services from which we exchanged with thin lines:



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