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Chives - the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Chives   Chives is durable plant, happened on plots universally. It grows from bulb on height to 20 centimetres, and clipped it grows again very quickly. In Poland the most popular tillage of one change is: Gigantic Erfurcki. It was can him increase by division of clusters or sowing. He is resistant on low temperatures, however the fertile of soil requires to growing. To be growed on darkened place maybe.

Equally popular his tillages are in Asia and Northern America, however in wild state can him meet on gravelly banks of large rivers as well as mountain screes.
The chives has the germicidal proprieties and increasing the transformation of matter.

What is and it in what quantities in chives?
Chives nutritious values.

The most important alimentary components (/ 100 chives' gram):
Calories (Kcal): 39. Joules (KJ): 163. Carbohydrates (g): 3,9.

Vitamin (/ 100 chives' gram):
A1: - j.m. B1:  0,081 mg. B2:  0,087 mg. C:  67 mg. E: - mg.

Minerals (mg / 100 chives' gram):
Calcium 97. Phosphorus: 44. Iron: 7,5. Magnesium: 26.     



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