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Carrot - the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

Carrot   The sweet vegetable of Europe, at present however growed already on whole world.
Carrot is lightly digestible and it contains in me lots valuable substances, between different carotene (that is provitamin And). Vegetable this appears in different forms and sizes, the most popular it is however longitudinal about length 10 - 20 centimetres. Her karotkami round changes be called.
Carrot's the most popular changes: Parisian,, Amsterdamska, Duwicka First gathering, Nantejska, Lenka, Selecta, Nord, Bercoro, Perfection, Amager.

Carrot the best grows in moderated temperature, tj. 15oC - 21oC and it likes soil average moist.
we buy fresh, springy, carrots not damaged always. Keeping in cool temperature mighty carrot and protected before light place even 2 -3 weeks.

We consume the carrot raw as well as boiled, she is component of almost all vegetable dishes. Who does not know from green peas carrot's classic mixture ?

What is and it in what quantities in carrot?
Carrot's nutritious values.

The most important alimentary components (/ 100 carrot's gram):
Calories (Kcal): 41. Joules (KJ): 172. Carbohydrates (g): 8,7.

Vitamin (/ 100 carrot's gram):
A1:  12189 j.m. B1:  0,054 mg. B2:  3,4 mg. C:  3,4 mg. E:  0,21 mg.

Minerals (mg / 100 carrot's gram):
Calcium 61. Phosphorus: 12. Iron: 0,9. Magnesium: 10. 



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