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Apple - the description of fruit, his kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and calories.

apple   Apple played nungrateful part in plotting cunning snake - satan as well as the reckless Eve who underwent his suggestions - but this only simplifying! In Bible word "apple" does not rain in this context of even once. Speech about "fruit" is from tree there, our ancestors the most clearly recognise word "fruit" for sale abstract and they decided it listener to to bring nearer putting under under him concrete fruit.

Apple was the symbol of love always and fertility. Here and custom to today kept ówdzie obdarowywanie by enamoured with this fruit. Golden apple meanwhile it marked (and it marks still) good business that is can something on what earn well.

It the word was used was in many proverbs the "apple" and the sayings, np. the "lover of acid apples" or " to break on acid apple", " the raining apple near from apple-tree".

Do you know, that it in Poland grows about 40 million apple-trees, delivering about 10 million the tone of fruit, abounding in vitamin, the sugar, aromatic substances and the mineral salts.


What is and it in what quantities in apples?
Apple's nutritious values.

The water the, fats, the carbohydrates, proteins ( the g / 100 gram of apples):
Water: 85,0 g. Fats: 0,4 g. Proteins: 0,3 g. Carbohydrates: 13,0 g.
KJ = 230

The vitamin (mg / 100 gram of apples):
B1: 0,04 mg. B2: 0,03 mg. B6: 0,05. C: ~ 16 mg. E: 0,57.
Carotene: 0,016 mg

The minerals (mg / 100 gram of apples):
Soium: 3,0. Potassium: 140,0. Magnesium: 6,4. Calcium 7,0. Phosphorus: 12,0
Iron: 0,48. Iodine: -

Culinary recipes from apples:
Omelette from apples



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